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Weather in Zanzibar

The Weather in Zanzibar for a Holiday

Zanzibar is famous for its powdery swaths of white sand lapped by an impossibly turquoise ocean, but what is the weather in Zanzibar like for a holiday? The climate of this exotic island archipelago is tropical, and hot all year … Read More

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A Guide to Taking a Ferry to Zanzibar

Taking a ferry to Zanzibar is one of the best ways to start your holiday. The journey from Dar es Salaam offers incredible views of the Indian Ocean, especially during the dry season when it’s not so windy. The ferry … Read More

5 Islands of Zanzibar

The islands of Zanzibar, also known as the “Spice Islands,” are made up of a necklace of islands that weave their way down the East African coast, off the coast of Tanzania. The main island, Unguja, whose city is a … Read More