3 Romantic Places to Visit in Zanzibar

If you’re looking for a romantic island getaway, then look no further—we’ve got three romantic places to visit in Zanzibar, a thrilling destination for couples. Zanzibar's diverse blend of experiences, combined with its interesting history and magnificent natural beauty, makes it the ideal romantic destination.

On your Zanzibar getaway, you’ll find secluded beaches and magnificent modern villas, but also dhow cruises and delicious cuisine. Unlike in the past, Zanzibar now has an increasing number of romantic places to visit, cementing the island’s status as a romantic destination in its own right.

Zanzibar has all of the attractions that most couples desire, such as scuba diving, breathtaking beaches, fresh seafood on a private beach, culture and history visible in the outstanding architecture of the historic site—the relaxed and romantic possibilities are limitless. ​ For those that are a little more adventurous, there is a small forest called Jozani, as well as Cheetah’s Pride—something on the wilder side of an island getaway.

Read on to learn about three romantic places to visit in Zanzibar—offering a glimpse into why this island has become one of the top romantic destinations.

Stone Town

Romantic places to visit in Zanzibar

While the stunning coastline is a must-see, any romantic Zanzibar getaway would be incomplete without a visit to Stone Town. For years, adventurous couples have been drawn to the old town’s maze of narrow streets and alleyways, and new quaint restaurants and intimate hotels have only added to the quarter’s allure. The winding alleyways are also home to a rising number of speciality shops and boutiques that sell high-end, made-in-Zanzibar jewellery, apparel, and accessories. For those with a love for food, rooftop restaurants, perched high above the streets, provide tantalizing cocktails and fresh seafood, as well as spectacular sunset views across the palm trees and out over the bay.

Cheetah's Rock

Romantic places to visit in Zanzibar

All Rights Reserved | Image by Cheetah’s Pride

Couples opting to visit Zanzibar for their romantic vacation should not miss out on this one. Cheetah’s Rock offers unique experiences to get up close and personal with cheetahs. Couples can feed lemurs, feel the fur of a cheetah and see the resident lions. On this fantastic journey, couples can not only take incredible photos and capture memorable moments but also join the fight for wildlife.

Nungwi Beach

Romantic places to visit in Zanzibar

All Rights Reserved | Image by Royal Zanzibar Hotel

The romantic Nungwi Beach is ideal for honeymooners. The small settlement of Nungwi is home to a rustic beach surrounded by palm palms. The crystal clear water is great for scuba diving and snorkelling, and swimming in the turquoise ocean is amazing. This is where you’ll find the Royal Zanzibar Hotel, which is a fantastic spot to stay while visiting Nungwi. Couples can soothe their tired muscles in the Jacuzzi, recline by the pool with their favourite drink, or bask in the warm glow of the sun as it slowly sets on a magnificent day in paradise. This outstanding beach resort offers a choice of activities for couples to enjoy on their Zanzibar island holiday, no matter how they wish to spend their day.

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