Marine Life in Zanzibar

Ever wondered about the magnificent marine life in Zanzibar? Spice Island is home to a diverse range of ecosystems that support a wide variety of amazing mammals, birds, reptiles, and amphibians. Many of these animals can only be found in … Read More

Wildlife on Zanzibar Island

The main attraction of this tropical island is its rich marine life, present in the vibrant coral reefs. Although there are no big wildlife species in Zanzibar, there is still plenty to observe. Zanzibar’s terrestrial and marine ecosystems, which include … Read More

Red Colobus Monkey in Zanzibar

The Red Colobus Monkey is a herbivorous tree monkey that lives on the island of Zanzibar. Their bone structure is flexible, allowing them to hop between trees. They also have a lengthy tail, which they only use to balance themselves. … Read More