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8 Amazing Things To Do in Africa

8 Amazing Things To Do in Africa

Africa is one of the world’s most diverse continents, and with that comes a long list of remarkable things to do in Africa. The continent has 54 countries and beautiful national parks, as well as a diverse range of cultures, … Read More

kitesurfing in zanzibar

Nightlife in Stone Town

The nightlife in Stone Town is better than one might think. The historical hub of Zanzibar boasts an array of places to enjoy a cocktail and a bite to eat when the sun goes down. Stone Town is where you’ll … Read More

Top 5 Reasons to Love Zanzibar

1. The wide variety of food Reasons to Love Zanzibar The variety of food is one of the top reasons to love Zanzibar. It offers a mix of Indian, Arabic, Portuguese and British influences. Rice is a staple—often served with … Read More

6 Things to Know Before Travelling to Zanzibar

Is there a place on the planet that sounds as enticing as Zanzibar? By simply uttering the word, you can almost feel the sea breeze, hear the rustle of palm leaves, and smell the spices. Zanzibar is a four-island archipelago … Read More

A Guide to Diving in Zanzibar

The aroma of exotic spices lingers in the air around Zanzibar, while white-sailed dhows make sparkling tracks in the turquoise Indian Ocean. There is much to love about this paradise location. And, although Zanzibar is known for its spicy tang … Read More

3 Romantic Places to Visit in Zanzibar

If you’re looking for a romantic island getaway, then look no further—we’ve got three romantic places to visit in Zanzibar, a thrilling destination for couples. Zanzibar’s diverse blend of experiences, combined with its interesting history and magnificent natural beauty, makes … Read More