Best Beaches in Zanzibar

There are plenty of perfect beaches on this Tanzanian island, all of which are surrounded by fine white sand, a captivating ambience, and crystal clear water. Kendwa, Nungwi, Kizimkaze, Pongwe, and Matmwe are only some of the beaches of  Zanzibar, each one distinctive and enchanting in its own way. So, here’s a list of the beaches of Zanzibar for those planning an island holiday.

Nungwi, Northern Zanzibar

A fantastic beach and, probably, the island’s best “active” region. The coastline that surrounds this area, which is located on the island’s northernmost point, is extremely breathtaking. Those who visit will be greeted by turquoise waves and pristine sands. The one disadvantage is that several of the hotels are perched on the coral cliffs that run north of the village, and as a result, they lose their beaches during high tide. However, this is rarely a problem, and the village’s small backpacker culture makes it a nice spot to visit.

Kendwa, Northwest Zanzibar

Kendwa, which is relatively peaceful, has grown in recent years, but its distinctive wide beach and understated resorts maintain a more laid-back atmosphere. The remainder of the month is pretty calm, but with each full moon, Kendwa turns up the volume with a boisterous beach party that attracts guests from all over the island. Kendwa’s full moon celebrations are renowned, if not a little over the top, and one of Zanzibar’s most popular attractions. The beach on Kendwa is stunning, and the deeper water on the northwestern strip means swimming is available all day.

Matemwe, North Eastern Zanzibar

The beach here is vast and sweeping, and it is one of the island’s newer beaches. It has remained relatively undisturbed by tourism until recently, unlike many of the other beaches on the island. It’s easy to see why this lovely and spacious beach has grown so popular. The tidal range is fairly extensive here, as it is on many of Zanzibar’s beaches, and the beach truly opens up at low tide.

Kiwengwa and Pongwe, Eastern Zanzibar

A long, pristine beach that stretches for 20 kilometres, and generates a vast swath of white at low tide that stretches out to the seaweed farms and then to the deepwater passage and barrier reef. The waves come right up to the edge of the palm-covered ground that stretches back to the main road during high tide. Pongwe has what is perhaps the nicest beach on the island, so there is little reason not to choose one of the accommodation options here. One could argue that the sole disadvantage is that there are no genuine malls to go to if you want more than one thing.

Kizimkazi, Southern Zanzibar

Kizimkazi, in Zanzibar’s southern region, has escaped the ravages of tourism. Consider a trip to Kizimkazi if you want to get away from the throng and unwind in nature. Kizimkazi is Zanzibar’s most remote and quiet district and has a much lower number of hotels than any other location. The hotels that do exist are few and far between, separated only by nature, the sea, and a village.

Bwejuu and Dongwe, South East Zanzibar

Driving north from the small town of Paje runs you along what is one of the most popular beaches on the island. The range of hotels and lodges along here is probably the most diverse in Zanzibar and, with a great beach pretty much throughout the day, it is very hard to go wrong with your choice. Here the beach is only compromised at low tide. However, the rest of the time it is possible to snorkel and swim as you like.

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